CG Questions 11.15.15
Nov 15, 2015

This week’s sermon focused on the communion with the Holy Spirit that is available to believers.  What one aspect of the message stood out to you? What part of the message were you excited to discuss with friends in this group?

2 Cor 13:14 speaks of the unparalleled communion we have with the Holy Spirit. This means He is not an ‘it’ or a force. Is this a new concept to you? Were you surprised to learn the Holy Spirit is a person with a mind, will, & emotions? How does this impact your relationship with God?

For many believers closeness to the Holy Spirit is not something they are accustomed to. When in your life have you experienced intimacy ‘as close as your breath’ with the Holy Spirit? What can you do this week to foster more of this?

How would you describe the atmosphere of your life?  Does it reflect your unique position with the Son?  What steps will you take to cultivate the atmosphere portrayed in Romans 14:17?

Justin mentioned the ‘school of the Spirit’ as an important aspect of having genuine communion with the Holy Spirit. Tell about a time you surrendered to the authority/direction of the Holy Spirit in a decision. How difficult is it for you to give control for your life over to God?

Take time together and consider this truth: my communion with the Holy Spirit is only as deep as my surrender to Him is. Have someone read Psalm 25:14 aloud. Take a few moments and silently reflect, just breathe and ask the Holy Spirit to show you any roadblocks to your willingness to surrender to the Wind.


CG Questions 11.08.15
Nov 08, 2015

This week we began a teaching series on the Holy Spirit.  What is your experience with the 3rd person of the trinity? Take time to share what you think of when you hear about the Holy Spirit. What stood out to you from this week’s message?

Read John 7:37-39. What stands out to you in this passage?

Justin outlined the role of the Holy Spirit through four basic functions.  The Holy Spirit releases life, renovates the soul, reveals God, and restores unity.  Think back to when you became a Christian.  Where do you see the work of the Holy Spirit? How did he draw you? How did he convict you? How did he convince you? What was it like when he first brought the life of God into your heart?

Read 1 Corinthians 6:11 and Titus 3:5. According to these verses, how does the Holy Spirit renovate the soul? How is he doing this in your life right now? Read Romans 8:13. How do we break the power of the flesh in our lives? How have you experienced this personally?

One function of the Holy Spirit is that he reveals God.  He may do this through an inner voice, a dream, a vision, divinely ordered circumstances, the words of another person, a miracle, a healing, or other supernatural gifts of experiences.  How has the Holy Spirit revealed God throughout your life? Share one of your more meaningful experiences.  

Take time to pray for one another.  Pray for a greater thirst for God, and a greater understanding of what is available to us through the Holy Spirit in our lives.


Building Your Tribe
Nov 01, 2015


CG Questions 10.25.15
Oct 25, 2015

This week In Wingman we explored the ideas of marriage and singleness.  Have you viewed marriage as superior or inferior to singleness? What has impacted your view?

What pressures have you experienced from family, friends, or culture to be married or single? How has this impacted your thoughts on marriage or singleness?

Hookup culture has transformed sexual activity from something sacred and honorable to something selfish and cheap.  How has this view of sexuality impacted your thinking? Read 1 Corinthians 6:15-20. Discuss your understanding of why God says that sexual intimacy is sacred.  

Justin talked about how godly marriage is a sign to the world of the depth of Christ’s love.  Godly singleness is a sign to the world of the breadth of Christ’s love.  How is this true? What has been your experience with this truth?

Read 1 Corinthians 7:32-35.  Discuss the advantages before God to the single life.

In reflecting on the model of Jesus, Justin gave three encouragements to the single person who desires to live godly: Build your circles, leverage your freedom, and redeem dating.  

If you are single: How seriously do you take your intimate pursuit of God? What are your personal habits to build that central circle? How deep are your other relationships? Have you developed a rewarding circle of deep relationships? How can you leverage your freedom in singleness more effectively for God’s mission?

If you are married: Does your devotion to your spouse reflect the depth of Christ’s love? How can this devotion grow? How can you support and encourage singles in the church? How can you incorporate singles into the life of your family?


CG Questions 10.18.15
Oct 18, 2015

This week we talked about godly friendships.  Read Ephesians 4:25-32.  This is a high calling for friendship.  In this passage, there are six marks of friendship:

1)  1.  Speaks Truth

2)  2.  Selflessly Serves

3)  3.  Relentlessly Points

4)   4. Pursues Unity

5)   5. Bears Burdens

6)   6. Freely Forgives

 Which of these 6 marks comes more naturally to you then the others?  Why do you think that is?

Mike said “Your experience of grace will determine the depths of your friendships.”  Have you found this to be true?  How has walking with Jesus made you a better friend to others?

 What does it mean to elevate your friend above yourself, serving their needs over your own?  What are some practical ways this can take place?

 Have you ever had to be “courageously honest” with a friend?  What was your driving motivation for that conversation?

 Trust is the great anchor of friendships.  What are some ways that trust is developed between friends?  How does trust break down?


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